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Miami, Florida - Web Design, Graphic Design, Logo Creation, Branding, Identity, Marketing, Email Campaigns, Printing

We specialize in Web Design, Print Design, Identity and Printing but we can do just about anything that involves art, creativity and technology! We take great pride in our work, so when we create something for you, not only do we have to meet your expectations, but our own high standards as well. We have many website packages and design rates that will meet anybody's budget.

Whether you need a state of the art website with all the "bells and whistles", a business card or anything in between - we can do it all for you! Not only do we gather the information needed for each project, but we ensure that everything we do is a totally accurate reflection of what the customer had envisioned. This is a rare promise in this modern era of digital design because many firms have an array of pre-packaged layouts that they use for specific industries. We don't believe that all real estate businesses require a specific "look", nor do we believe that an attorney's office should have a visual identity that is identical to thousands of other legal websites. Each client and their business is a unique opportunity for us to challenge ourselves creatively to produce our best work.

We believe that if "you can think of it, we can create it for you". This is how our tagline came into existence. The sleep cycle identified as REM (rapid eye movement) is a time when the brain shows increased activity and when the most vivid and symbolic dreams occur. Some people believe that these are goal oriented dreams and others that they are conflict resolution processes. Regardless of these two concepts, REM Interactive believes that the flood of images and symbols that occur in the sleeper's mind can be copied by a flowing exchange with a client. Whether an idea is very clear in their head or just a rough concept, we take these ideas and turn them into working solutions.

If you're looking to establish an online presence, we can build a very professional, yet simple and informative type of website. If your preference is to have an industry leading portal type site with traffic driving SEO strategies in place, we can do that for you as well. Consider that we offer web design and maintenance packages that will keep your site looking as contemporary as possible while keeping the content updated on the site on a regular basis.

We also offer web application development that can make your website one of the most sophisticated and feature rich websites on the internet. Working with REM Interactive is truly a team effort, and our clients are always a major part of the team. We'll require your participation, input, and feedback because your ideas are what help us to ensure that the end product is truly what you had imagined. It is not easy to stand out from the crowd of millions of other websites and businesses, but we try to make each customer's site or project a true reflection of their "dream", and we use innovative techniques to be certain that the images, symbols, ideas, and thoughts that clients have about their business are found in every element that we create.

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